Desktop Organizer Wallpaper - Neutral Kit

Desktop Organizer Wallpaper - Neutral Kit
A Desktop Organizer is a powerful tool that will help you focus on what matters most. This kit includes several desktop organizer wallpaper designs along with a collection of design elements that you can use to embellish your creations.
44 PNG Color-Coordinated: Icons, Stickers, Washi Tape and File Folder Images.

16:10 Size Files + 16:9 Size Files - The PNG Files and the Canva Templates are Included. 3 Desktop Organizer Designs with suggested Text on the section dividers. 3 Desktop Organizer Designs without text on the section dividers

You receive commercial use rights to this product and can create an unlimited number of unique desktop organizers, to use and sell. (You may not give away or sell the editable Canva templates or resell the product images as is. You can combine the elements to create new products that you sell in PDF or image format.)

This product includes editable Canva template (for the Desktop Organizer Wallpaper) so you can customize and create as many desktop organizer wallpapers as you'd like.


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