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Learn How to Create Kindle Books
Based on Articles, Interviews & Course Content

While you can create a Kindle book from a paperback book... did you know that you can also create a Kindle book from articles, blog posts and audio recordings?

In the Kindle Creation Challenge, bestselling author and publisher D'vorah Lansky, M.Ed. teached how to create, format, publish and market attractive Kindle books - without having to pay someone to format them for you!Scroll down to view a few of the books that D'vorah has published as part of the Kindle Challenge.

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​​See What Students and Readers Are Saying


“I have taken a number of courses and programs with D'vorah Lansky. I really enjoy her teaching style. She breaks everything down into logical steps with easy to follow action items. Dvorah doesn’t just bring the knowledge but draws from personal experience what works and what doesn’t, saving her students valuable time. She inspires us to take action and implement her teaching.”

​- ​Agi Kadar, EDN, CES, author of​ Are You a Gym Mouse


​"D’vorah goes above and beyond every course outline. She provides in-depth, clear and concise information; often demonstrating “live” during the session, how to use a particular program needed for the course. By following the Kindle Content course, I was able to produce content and publish my Kindle book in record time. I even designed the cover!"

​- Janet Bristeir, author of the Medical Tourism Book Series


"I feel so at ease working with D’vorah. I love her gentle nature. She is an excellent teacher. She spells out everything in detail, walks you through step by step. She does not assume you’re supposed to know this stuff already. She’s not just a cheerleader. She rolls up her sleeves and gets in there with you. I feel like she was holding my hand every step of the way – in fact, she was! I will continue to do her programs because I’m sure I will be supported to follow through and celebrated upon completion!"

 - Debra Graugnard, author of Bridging the GAPS

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