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​Dear Affiliates and new potential affiliate partners. I'd like to introduce myself and let you know about the Share Your Brilliance Design Products and Programs.

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Okay, first a brief note about me... I've been teaching online courses (on book marketing and course creation) since 2007. I've published over 20 books and workbooks and have ​created over 40 online courses.

Aside from teaching and writing, my passion is creating digital art. I have a textile arts background and put myself through college from the sales of my products. ​I LOVE creating workbooks and planners and one of my best-selling courses is on how to create and publish what I call, Take-Action Journals.

It's been on my heart for a long time to be able to create and sell products with commercial use rights. So, when I discovered how to create digital planners and Di Heuser challenged us to create a product for commercial use, I went for it and am going full steam ahead.

​The first featured products are what I'm calling "Digital Planner Cover Kits." ​These are collections of digital covers, coils, buttons and clasps. I also have sets of the individual components, that include multiple sizes, designs and colors. All with commercial use rights.

I'd love to invite you to become an affiliate partner for Share Your Brilliance Designs.
I pay 50% commissions to affiliate partners and I pay out weekly.

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I also have an online learning center where I teach courses to students across the globe. My "Discover Digital Planning" course is designed to introduce people to the world of digital planning. We explore ways that people can use digital planning to grow their reach and their business. (In this course I refer students, who want to go on to create their own digital planners - to hands-on courses taught by Di and Sue. My students also receive a list of recommended ​PLR resources - I'd be happy to feature you as well.)

I also teach a​ best-selling course on how to create take-action journals based on a person's knowledge or expertise. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate for my courses - please let me know.

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