Create Digital Activity Books for Kids

Learn how to transform various types of content into digital activity books, for kids of all ages.

Learn How to Create In Demand Products

Digital activity books are in high demand by parents, teachers, educators and kids.

Entertaining and Educational

Digital activity books are designed to use on a digital device, such as an iPad, Android device, cell phone or computer with stylus capability.

Create Digital Activity Books For Kids

Digital Activity Books provide hours of entertainment and enjoyment. They are designed to use on iPads or Android digital devices. When opened in a Notes app, they can be written or colored on with a stylus or Apple pencil. They are fun and easy to use and open up worlds of opportunity.

By creating Digital Activity Books, you'll have a unique and compelling product to offer your customers. And the thing is, people who purchase "A" digital activity book, are likely to purchase "Many" digital activity books! They can give them as gifts to their children as well as other children in their lives.

Digital activity books can be designed for kids of any age, so think of the possibilities! From pre-school, through high school, digital activity books provide a vehicle for content on an unlimited number of topics.

Another benefit of learning the strategies taught in this course is, you can design creative and colorful activity books, on any topic, for any audience! As part of this program, we'll explore a variety of options.

Here are just a few ideas...

  • Digital Coloring Books
  • Digital Word Search Books
  • Digital Word Puzzle Books
  • Digital ABC Books
  • Digital Story Books
  • Digital Writing Books
  • Digital Homeschool Books
  • Digital Time Capsule Books
  • Digital Gratitude Books
  • Digital Journals
  • Digital About My Pet Books
  • Digital Adventure Books
  • Digital Animal Books
  • Digital Drawing Books
  • Digital Painting Books
  • Digital Tracking Books
  • Digital Travel Books
  • And much, much more!

Please Note...

In this program, you WILL learn how to create digital activity books for kids, complete with clickable, hyperlinked tabs...  However, this is NOT a course on how to create digital planners from scratch.

Streamline the Process

You will receive several sets of done-for-you templates, that are pre-designed for you, complete with divider pages, tabs, covers, coils, background images, pages, activity templates, and more.

You can use and reuse these as many times as you'd like. You can sell your customized books or give them away as gifts to the kids in your life.

A Word About the Software We'll Use

Digital activity books and digital planners are best created in one of three software programs: PowerPoint for PC, Keynote for Mac, and Affinity Publisher for either PC or Mac.

In this program, I will be demonstrating in both PowerPoint and Keynote and you can apply these strategies to Affinity if you'd like.

You Receive Several Sets of Templates

Enjoy This Collection of Special Bonuses

Kid's Digital Activity Book
Template Pack

Digital Activity Books for Kids can provide thought-provoking writing and journaling exercises along with drawing, doodling, puzzle-solving and brainstorming activities. The activity pages can customized and used over and over again.

Custom Designed
Digital Planner Wire Cols

This business-in-a-box provides you with a template that you can use and reuse as many times as you'd like. You can sell your customized books or give them away as gifts to the kids in your life.

Kid's Digital Activity Book
Template Pack

Once you see the Digital Activity Books for Kids in action, you'll likely get lots of ideas for types of content you'd like to add to activity books that you can use, sell or gift. Just think of all that PLR content on your hard drive, just looking for a home!

Here's a Look at Another Set of Templates You Get

This set comes in six pastel colors and includes covers, dashboards, inside page layouts, and more!

Create Digital Activity Book For Kids

Easily Customizable Cover and Pages

Choose from a collection of digital planner activity book templates, that are provided for you. Add embellishments or graphics, add or change the title of the activity book, and more. Let your imagination go wild!

Tabbed Divider Sections

Your Digital Activity Book includes five, tabbed divider sections. This is perfect for adding a variety of content. For example, section one can include content on the topic of your activity book. In the following sections you can add content such as, notes pages, journal pages, gratitude pages, expanded activity pages, dot grid or graph pages, story pages, writing pages, drawing pages, painting pages, etc.

Digital Activity Books Are Easily Customizable

Once you set up your digital activity books, using the provided templates, you can add any type of content you'd like. You can create the content for your digital activity books from scratch, or you can use PLR (private label rights) or commercial use, done-for-you content.

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"Where do I begin? D’vorah’s courses are a breath of fresh air, and worth every penny! Her thinking is ‘outside the box’ and will get your creative juices flowing - you will suddenly start discovering all sorts of new uses for that pile of PLR that most of us have on our hard drives. D’vorah’s teaching style is professional and easy to follow, making her courses an investment that you will not regret."

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"Being in D’vorah’s programs helped me leap into action on things I had been wanting to get to. The inspiration and accountability she provides for her students create a haven of safety for your creativity to flourish, making you want to try new things. Her teaching style is quite thorough, clear, and always on point. I simply LOVE being in her programs! I always learn so much from her training."

- Patti Fagan, Etsy Shop Owner @PrintablesByPattiCo


“Dvorah provides the necessary tools to understand every aspect of digital product creation. I went from knowing basically nothing to marketing my very first products in a short time. Her teaching style is very straightforward and easy to follow and understand. Highly recommended.”    

- Craig Johnson, Etsy Shop Owner @RoadrunnerRarities


"D’vorah’s course Become an Etsy Digital Shop Owner changed the course of my life. This course took a person, such as myself, with zero knowledge and gave them the confidence and skills to open a Digital Etsy Shop and produce quality Digital KDP templates. D’vorah’s training helped me narrow down my niche, customize my Etsy shop, and design that focus. Her training helped me align my thoughts and get things in order. That perfect touch is what this course taught me. I cannot thank D’vorah enough!"

- Dana Davis, Shop Ower @KDPTemplateStudio


“I truly enjoyed the course. D'vorah shared step by step of what we needed to know to be successful. She ignites our Creativity and talents. D'vorah truly wants us to be successful and she shares all of the tolls and Strategies for us to accomplish our goals. Thank you so much for being you, D'vorah.”

- Renee Sunday, @SundayTreasures on Etsy


 "I have been learning from D’vorah since I began making digital planners. I first purchased some digital planner coils from D’vorah on Etsy and ended up learning about her courses from that purchase. Her courses have guided me as I opened my Etsy shop and learned how to advertise on Pinterest. She has contributed many different ideas on how to create many different types of planners, printable and digital in her webinars. She is enthusiastic and supportive and genuinely wants her students to be successful."

- Jill Scott, Etsy Shop Owner @MyDigitalLifeStudio


"D'vorah's courses are always top-notch: meticulously organized, beautifully recorded, and filled to the brim with all the training and resources you need to put the information to profitable use immediately. She's literally elevated actionable training to a whole new level by making it fun and easy for beginners while including advanced tips for more experienced creators. I can't recommend these trainings highly enough. If you're considering getting into digital design of planners, workbooks, or journals, D'vorah's trainings are awesome!" 

- Rena Tucker, Author of The Ultimate Sketch Journal Series   


"I absolutely adore the way D'vorah teaches. Some might sign up to get her PLR - which is a nice bonus, but I signed up because she shares the real stuff. The stuff that makes you understand the workflows that increase your productivity and gets your creations out there. I have a feeling this might be my best investment of the year!"  

-Paul Ramon, Mindstreamer and Founder of Great   


""The steps progression taught on how to organize my PLR content makes so much sense. Each step builds on the next and I am excited to start at ground zero by organizing my desktop and moving into organizing my PLR content! Such an awesome training!"

-Karyn Almendarez, Author of Tragedy's Treasures   


“I have taken a number of courses with D'vorah Lansky. I really enjoy her teaching style. She breaks everything down into logical steps with worksheets and easy to follow action steps. D'vorah doesn’t just bring the knowledge but draws from personal experience what works and what doesn’t, saving her students valuable time. She inspires us to take action and implement her teaching.”

-Agi Kadar, Author of Are You a Gym Mouse?


"D'vorah's courses are legendary! Her experience and knowledge as an educator shines through in everything she does. The action-oriented course materials and worksheets are perfect examples. It's so easy for me to procrastinate with thoughts like 'Where should I start'? D'vorah's materials help me take action! The step-by-step-approach is great for any creative (like us authors!) who tend to get stuck with "I have so many ideas, what should I do first?" Thanks D'vorah, your work is always of an excellent quality."

-Liesel Teversham, Author and The Connected Introvert 


"D'vorah Lansky is the best online educator I’ve ever learned from. Her classes are engaging and compelling, and her delivery is measured, logical, and clear. D’vorah teaches with passion, energy, and real concern for her students’ comprehension and for their success."

-Dr. Kathryn Collins, Author of How Healthy is Your Doctor?  


"Looking for an authentic and knowledgeable teacher? I highly recommend D'vorah Lansky. Her concise and to the point style is refreshing. Her expertise and step by step, look over her shoulder methodology is literally a blessing."

- Iyana Rashil, Author of Messages


"I feel so at ease working with D’vorah. I love her gentle nature. She is an excellent teacher. She spells out everything in detail, walks you through step by step. She does not assume you’re supposed to know this stuff already. She’s not just a cheerleader. She rolls up her sleeves and gets in there with you. I feel like she was holding my hand every step of the way – in fact, she was! I will continue to do her programs because I’m sure I will be supported to follow through and celebrated upon completion!"

- Debra Graugnard, Author of Bridging the GAPS


"I love how D'vorah breaks everything down into actionable steps - and each step always feels 'doable'. She demystifies processes we might find daunting and expresses everything really clearly, never assuming her students have technical knowledge they don't yet possess."

- Lorna Fergusson, Owner of Fictionfire Writing Academy

Get Instant Access to This Take-Action Program

While this program officially begins on July 6th, you get access to introductory training now. Additional content will be added between between now and then.

Once you register, you'll be taken to the member's area, where you'll find the program materials, discussion forum, special bonuses, and more.
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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the program start and finish? The program is available on-demand, so you can go through the training at times that are best for you.

How long do I have access to the course? You get ongoing access to this program. This will allow you to go through the training as often as you'd like and to circle back to access specific content or lessons as you go along.

What software programs will be used to demonstrate in this program? The software programs we'll be demonstrating with are PowerPoint and Keynote.

Do we get the PLR / commercial use rights to digital activity book template packs?  The template packs come with a commercial use license. So you can use, gift or sell the content you create from the templates. You cannot however sell the templates as is or share the source files, you must create a unique product - which you'll learn how to create in this course.

What is the Refund Policy: Being that you receive instant access to the program content and an amazing collection of bonuses, there are no refunds associated with this offer. Our programs are designed for students who sincerely want to take action and make a difference. Read through the program description and student testimonials to get a sense of the quality training you'll have access to. D'vorah is committed to delivering the best training possible and she is dedicated to her students.