Create 30 Products in 30 Days

Creating products doesn't have to take weeks or months, per product! In this program you'll discover strategies for streamlining your product creation efforts, so you can create 30 products in 30 days!

Have You Been Wanting to Create Lots of Products

Creating Products and Product Collections is Now Easier Than Every Before

In this hands-on program, D'vorah Lansky, M.Ed. will walk you through a process for creating an initial product and from there, on to creating a line of products. 

Learn how to create niche products for any audience you can imagine.  In this program you'll:

  • Use Templates to Create Your First or Next Product. Once you've created that first product, you'll go on to create a line of color-coordinated companion products.

  • Use Color Palettes to Create Products for Different Audiences. One of the fastest ways to increase the number of products you've created is to offer the same, or similar, products... but in different colors. Think about it. If you saw a product in one color and you did not resonate with that color but were intrigued by the product... how excited would you be to find that product in a color combination that you love?

  • Take Action in a Productive Environment. In this take-action program, you'll receive training PLUS you'll have built in time to take action, work on your products, get feedback and receive answers to your specific questions.

  • Create Display Images and Prepare Your Products to Sell. In addition to learning how to create and batch products, you'll also learn how to create attractive display images and prepare your products to be sold!

Here are Just a Few Examples of What You Can Create

The types of products we'll be primarily creating are "printable products" (such as journals, planners, notebooks, etc.) However, you are welcome to create any type of product you'd like.

Each time you create a product, you do not have to recreate the wheel. In this program you'll create your first (or next) product and then develop a color-coordinated product collection, that you can transform into countless other products. You can create:

  • Products for Entrepreneurs
  • Products for Success Seekers
  • Products for Animal Lovers
  • Products for Creatives
  • Products for Foodies
  • Products for Coffee Lovers
  • Products for Educators
  • Products for Students & Parents
  • Products for Authors
  • Products for Artists
  • Products for Nature Buffs
  • Products for... (fill in the blank)

A Word About the Software Used in This Program

You Can Apply What You Learn to Any Software You Use

In this course, I'll demonstrate using PowerPoint. However, the techniques taught can be applied to any software that you use. Ideally you have some familiarity with using PowerPoint, but it's not required. To support you on this journey, we have a learning library where you'll find some PowerPoint product creation tutorials.

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From Alumni of This Course


"30 products in 30 days, is exactly the course I needed to ensure I was able to create my 'Living the Dream Toolkit' in readiness for my next launch. D'vorah laid out the course in easy to follow segments which allowed me to learn at my own pace, digest, design, and deliver the products I know my clients will enjoy using in their businesses."

PaTrisha-Anne Todd, Author of Pepper Your Life with Dreams


"I wanted to tap into creating digital products with the view of having a side hustle that generated passive income.  When I came across D’vorah Lansky’s course Create 30 Products in 30 Days I believed it would help get me started. Her training is clear and thorough with a gentle approach always encouraging and inspiring. I learnt productivity tips that streamlined the process of making multiple designs from one product saving hours of time. As well as tapping into my own experience to create products in my area of expertise. It isn’t only the training I needed, it is the accountability. At the end of the course, I opened my Etsy shop using the products I made with D’vorah. I still go back to D’vorah’s training whenever I need to fine-tune my knowledge and for inspiration."

Kim Wright, Etsy Shop Owner @UrbanFlossy


"I'm truly beyond words. When I first signed up for your course I actually had no interest in planners whatsoever but was excited to create 30 products in 30 days. The way you teach and your extensive knowledge and patience made me actually enjoy it. I'm absolutely blown away by all I can do now with've made me love it. I have purchased many courses but yours is definitely my favorite and feel I got the most out of. I'm looking forward to taking your digital course next. Bottom're a phenomenal teacher and I definitely felt through each session your genuine love for what you teach and for your are incredible!"

Natalie I.


“It has been so great having weekly sessions that have kept me focused on a specific project. Most importantly I have been learning a new process for creating new content to sell in my online store, and beginning to implement this strategy for greater productivity. This is going to make such a huge difference going forward now.  Grateful to be figuring this out so early on my journey (this is a new business endeavor for me). Definitely signing up for another of these live trainings with Dvorah. I think this has been my most favorite course with you thus far!”

Linda Donalds, Content Creator


“I have taken many courses over the years, learning about various aspects of digital products. Of all of them, I have found D’vorah’s Create 30 Products in 30 Days course to be the best at helping me actually complete products that are sitting around in my mind or on my hard drive. As I worked through the course I was also finally able to pull together a complete plan of the way I can use all those miscellaneous products I had previously acquired via my Shiny Things addiction. I learned some new tricks for using PowerPoint too. Best of all, D’vorah made it easy to tweak the process so that it fits in with my own quirks about doing things, without wrecking the basic concept of the course: speeding up the production process.  Almost everything on my Etsy shop is there because of this course."   

Nancy Scanlan, @LongerHealthierLife on Etsy


“I truly enjoyed the course. D'vorah shared step by step of what we needed to know to be successful. She ignites our Creativity and talents. D'vorah truly wants us to be successful and she shares all of the tolls and Strategies for us to accomplish our goals. Thank you so much for being you, D'vorah.”

Renee Sunday, @SundayTreasures on Etsy 


"You won’t want to miss this course! Don’t think about it, just do it! I’ve been so much more productive since I started this course. D’vorah has helped me clear my mind clutter and given me a path (actually, several) paths to follow. When you have systems in place, like you will learn in this course, you can create 30 Products in 30 Days. It’s just a question of doing it systematically. Easy Peasy!”

Holly Watts Gibson 

”So many ideas, so little time! This has been a great course. I've picked up a variety of ideas, idea extensions, and techniques and shortcuts for product creation. Thanks so much.”  

Mary Simpson, DMA @MarysPlaceDesigns

“I appreciate the various elements of the course: teaching, demos, time to work on things, Q&A...  D'vorah is passionate about what she teaches. This got me excited about product creation possibilities too!”

Lynda Monk - Int. Assoc for Journal Writing

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for the 30 Products in 30 Days class. Your style of teaching is so easy to understand and you really take the time to break everything down into small bite-size bits."

Connie Campbell

“This course is great to keep you accountable and continuing to work on simple ways to create multiple products.”

Jill Scott, DMA
@My Digital Life Studio

“I enjoyed Dvorah's teaching style and all the great info she presented. I especially liked the deadlines so I accomplished a lot in the 30 day timeframe.”

Kate McDonald


“Excellent information, but what I liked the most was D'vorah's willingness/ability to answer our questions and then get right back on topic. These offhand spots were some of the best tips! I thought I knew PowerPoint fairly well, but D'vorah taught me SO much more! My creation time has been cut considerably and I have many, many ideas that I can't wait to turn into products.. D'vorah took extra pains to answer our questions as fully as possible, and her involvement in the class was quite sincere.”    

Carole Bergman, @CarolesCraftShop


“Creating 30 Products in 30 Days was one of the best decisions I made to launch my printable business. With D'vorah's expert teaching I actually created 30 products in 30 days and even launched my Etsy shop!"

- Patti Fagan, @PrintablesyP


Patti Fagan, @PrintablesbyPattiCo on Etsy


“This course has been an eye-opener for me. I learned so much in terms of PowerPoint, colour palettes, focusing on one or two things, and most of all, just getting it done and out there. Thank you so much for helping me in my product creation journey! I opened a new shop in Etsy, and just received my first sale...all thanks to you.”  

Diane Ziomek, @TOLA50Printables on Etsy

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You Also Get Access to a Bonus Training:
Equip Yourself for Maximum Results!

Get Instant Access for Just $147

What Types of Products Would You Like to Make?

You are only limited by your imagination!
Get ready to explore creative ways to create more products.

Streamline & Batch Activities

An effective way to increase your product line is to identify the various aspects of a product and then batch activities to create multiple products.

fast track productivity

In this program you'll also discover ways to use templates to fast-track your productivity while creating more products. Your templates can be transformed in multiple ways. You'll discover many of them in this course.

You Also Get These Special Bonuses

Special Bonuses

To Help You On Your Content Creation Journey

Bonus #1
Product Creation Templates

Use these templates to create an unlimited number of products!
Includes commercial use rights!

Bonus #2
200+ Product Ideas

This list of product ideas demonstrates how you can take one idea and turn it into many. 

Bonus #3
File Folder Structure

A set of computer folders to help you streamline your product creation activities.

Meet Your Instructor: D'vorah Lansky, M.Ed.


Share Your Brilliance Founder – D’vorah Lansky, M.Ed., is a bestselling author and course creation specialist. She has published over 35 books and 40 online training programs. Since 2007 she has taught thousands of authors and entrepreneurs across the globe, how to transform their knowledge into books, workbooks, products and online courses.  

D’vorah specializes in helping her students and clients to share their unique gifts and their brilliance with the world, by creating content that’s designed to grow their reach, their visibility and their business. 

What Students of Our Programs Are Saying


"Where do I begin? D’vorah’s courses are a breath of fresh air, and worth every penny! Her thinking is ‘outside the box’ and will get your creative juices flowing - you will suddenly start discovering all sorts of new uses for that pile of PLR that most of us have on our hard drives. D’vorah’s teaching style is professional and easy to follow, making her courses an investment that you will not regret."

-Melody Wigdahl, owner of PLR of the Month Club


"You won’t want to miss this course! Don’t think about it, just do it! I’ve been so much more productive since I started this course. D’vorah has helped me clear my mind clutter and given me a path (actually, several) paths to follow. When you have systems in place, like you will learn in this course, you can create 30 Products in 30 Days. It’s just a question of doing it systematically. Easy Peasy!”

-Holly Watts Gibson


"D'vorah's courses are always top-notch: meticulously organized, beautifully recorded, and filled to the brim with all the training and resources you need to put the information to profitable use immediately. She's literally elevated actionable training to a whole new level by making it fun and easy for beginners while including advanced tips for more experienced creators. I can't recommend these trainings highly enough. If you're considering getting into digital design of planners, workbooks, or journals, D'vorah's trainings are awesome!" 

-Rena Tucker, author of The Ultimate Sketch Journal Series


I've been a member of D’vorah’s Content Creation Club since May, but I absolutely adore the way she teaches. Some might sign up to get her PLR - which is a nice bonus, but I signed up because she shares the real stuff. The stuff that makes you understand the workflows that increase your productivity and gets your creations out there. I have a feeling this might be my best investment of the year...;)"  

-Paul Ramon, Mindstreamer and Founder of Great


"The steps progression taught on how to organize my content makes so much sense. Each step builds on the next and I am excited to start at ground zero by organizing my desktop and moving into organizing my PLR content! Such an awesome training! Even if you think you lack creativity or don't know how to edit and redesign content, D'vorah models, shows, and describes the processes in a masterful and easy-to-understand sequence. She SHOWS in addition to telling which is just what I need to move forward in creating products and respinning content from my existing PLR.”  

-Karyn Almendarez, author of  Tragedy's Treasures


“I have taken a number of courses with D'vorah Lansky. I really enjoy her teaching style. She breaks everything down into logical steps with worksheets and easy to follow action steps. D'vorah doesn’t just bring the knowledge but draws from personal experience what works and what doesn’t, saving her students valuable time. She inspires us to take action and implement her teaching.”

-Agi Kadar, author of Are You a Gym Mouse


"D'vorah's courses are legendary! Her experience and knowledge as an educator shines through in everything she does. The action-oriented course materials and worksheets are perfect examples. It's so easy for me to procrastinate with thoughts like 'Where should I start'? D'vorah's materials help me take action! The step-by-step-approach is great for any creative (like us authors!) who tend to get stuck with "I have so many ideas, what should I do first?" Thanks D'vorah, your work is always of an excellent quality."

-Liesel Teversham, Author and The Connected Introvert


"D'vorah Lansky is the best online educator I’ve ever learned from. Her classes are engaging and compelling, and her delivery is measured, logical, and clear. D’vorah teaches with passion, energy, and real concern for her students’ comprehension and for their success."

-Dr. Kathryn Collins, author of How Healthy is Your Doctor?


"Looking for an authentic and knowledgeable teacher? I highly recommend D'vorah Lansky. Her concise and to the point style is refreshing. Her expertise and step by step, look over her shoulder methodology is literally a blessing."

-Iyana Rashil, author of Messages


"I feel so at ease working with D’vorah. I love her gentle nature. She is an excellent teacher. She spells out everything in detail, walks you through step by step. She does not assume you’re supposed to know this stuff already. She’s not just a cheerleader. She rolls up her sleeves and gets in there with you. I feel like she was holding my hand every step of the way – in fact, she was! I will continue to do her programs because I’m sure I will be supported to follow through and celebrated upon completion!"

-Debra Graugnard, author of Bridging the GAPS


"I love how D'vorah breaks everything down into actionable steps - and each step always feels 'doable'. She demystifies processes we might find daunting and expresses everything really clearly, never assuming her students have technical knowledge they don't yet possess."

-Lorna Fergusson, Owner of Fictionfire Writing Academy

Get Instant Access to This Take Action Program

You Also Get Access to a Bonus Training:
Equip Yourself for Maximum Results!

Get Instant Access for Just $147

* Refund Policy: Given the nature of this take-action program and the fact that you receive instant access to the downloadable materials, there is No Refund associated with this offer. Read through the information on this page as well as the testimonials of our students, to get a clear idea of the quality of training and level of support you'll receive. D'vorah is committed to delivering the best training possible and she's dedicated to her students.

From Students of Our Courses

"Once I got started on this course, I couldn't stop myself. Each lesson gave me more ideas and techniques to try out. While I thought I was pretty tech-savvy when it comes to using the tools in the course, I was excited to learn little ways to save time and apply techniques that would make my products more professional looking. D'vorah's teaching was thorough, detailed, and methodical."

- Vicki Peel, HER Life Hacks

“Dvorah provides the necessary tools to understand every aspect of digital product creation. I went from knowing basically nothing to marketing my very first products in a short time. Her teaching style is very straightforward and easy to follow and understand. Highly recommended.”

- Craig Johnson, Etsy Shop Owner @RoadrunnerRarities

"I HIGHLY recommend this course! I think that D'vorah's courses and the way that she teaches are FABULOUS!!! With her courses, I actually feel like I learned quite a few things. I also have much more confidence now to actually create [products]. Thanks so much."

- Adrienne Baker

"I would recommend D'vorah's training courses to anyone that wants to add new products to their line for another stream of income. Very easy to follow and gives you MANY new ideas and keeps the ideas coming continually so you will never run out of them. You will definitely want to have a pad and pen handy as you don't want to forget any of the ideas that come to mind as they will be flying in fast!"

- Carol Chavey