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This Month's Featured Workshop: Create Products from PLR Checklists. In this workshop we’ll look at ways to transform PLR (Private Label Rights) checklists into a variety of different, coordinated products. We’ll also draw from PLR Journal prompts as another source of rich content to build a series of products around. In your PLR Pack, you’ll find sample products as well as templates you can use to transform PLR content that you own.

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"I love the Content Creation Club. I appreciate the way D'vorah provides everything that I could possibly need, related to the month's topic/training. Like most of us, I've joined and then cancelled countless memberships over the years. But D'vorah's programs always make the cut.  I love the "surprise golden nuggets" in every one of her sessions! They're subtle little gems hidden within the always relevant, always expertly presented materials! It's as if she's watching me and sees what I'm stuck on, then just casually presents the solution in a clear, concise manner!  Thank you for that!" 

Donna Bainton, ND, CNHP


""I have been learning from D’vorah since I began making digital planners. I first purchased some digital planner coils from D’vorah on Etsy and ended up learning about her courses from that purchase. Her courses have guided me as I opened my Etsy shop and learned how to advertise on Pinterest. She has contributed many different ideas on how to create many different types of planners, printable and digital in her webinars. She is enthusiastic and supportive and genuinely wants her students to be successful."

Jill Scott, Etsy Shop Owner @ MyDigitalLifeStudio


"Being in D’vorah’s programs helped me leap into action on things I had been wanting to get to. The inspiration and accountability she provides for her students create a haven of safety for your creativity to flourish, making you want to try new things. Her teaching style is quite thorough, clear, and always on point. I simply LOVE being in her programs! I always learn so much from her training."

Patti Fagan, Etsy Shop Owner @PrintablesByPattiCo


"Dvorah does such a deep dive into each subject of the Content Creation Club that I always find something new that I can use. Creating content has so many aspects to think about, but Dvorah's Club breaks out each one into a separate bite sized piece. Instead of being overwhelmed like I was before, I can now improve what I am doing, one step at a time."

Nancy Scanlan, DVM, CVA, CHC, MS  and Owner of Chantilla Publishing

Become a Club Member Now and You'll GET THIS MONTH'S FEATURED WORKSHOP PLUS A Collection of Special Bonuses

As a member, you get access to our Monthly Training calls. During our calls, you'll learn more ways to create, produce and/or publish, a variety of products. You'll also have the opportunity to get personalized feedback on your projects and product ideas. These monthly webinars are of course recorded to meet the varying schedules and time zones of our members. You get access to the live sessions as well as the replays. 

Each month you'll also receive a new, editable planner or workbook, with commercial use rights. These are designed to make it easy for you to create products that you can use and sell.

Club Members also receive special discounts on all of our products, plus an exclusive "super coupon" on featured products or programs.

This monthly membership program is flexible, easy and fun. In addition to your content, you'll have access to our supportive and interactive discussion forum and monthly workshops.

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Club Members Enjoy This Collection of Special Bonuses

Bonus Collection of
Personal Use Planners

Enjoy this collection of worksheets, planners and checklists. Get lots of ideas for types of products you can create.

Bonus Collection of
Commercial Use Products

This collection of commercial use products and planners can be added to your content creation library. Have fun creating!

Bonus Series of
Training Workshops

Enjoy this series of bonus workshops on a variety of productivity and content creation strategies.

Meet Your Instructor and Guide
D'vorah Lansky, M.Ed.


Share Your Brilliance Founder – D’vorah Lansky, M.Ed., is a bestselling author and course creation specialist. She has published over 35 books and 40 online training programs. Since 2007 she has taught thousands of authors and entrepreneurs across the globe, how to transform their knowledge into books, workbooks, products and online courses.  

D’vorah specializes in helping her students and clients to share their unique gifts and their brilliance with the world, by creating content that’s designed to grow their reach, their visibility and their business. 

What Club Members Are Saying


"The investment in Dvorah’s monthly club is WELL worth it! You get tons of products and lessons, that are the best of what she teaches. Between Dvorah’s creative ways to make calendars and her last few monthly workshops, I’ve learned so much that I was able to change out my own planner I made, and create the sales page and everything that goes along with it, in less than a few hours!"

Marcy Patterson, owner of The Unpopular Mom PLR Site


"D'vorah's worksheets are legendary! Her experience and knowledge as an educator shines through in everything she does, and the action oriented worksheets are a perfect example. It's so easy for me to procrastinate with thoughts like 'Where should I start'? D'vorah's worksheets help me take action! They are to the point, super-easy to follow and provide clear instructions. The step-by-step-approach is great for any creative (like us authors!) who tend to get stuck with "I have so many ideas, what should I do first?"

Liesel Teversham, author of No Problem: The Upside of Saying No


"I've been a member of D’vorah’s Content Creation Club since May, but I absolutely adore the way she teaches. Some might sign up to get her PLR - which is a nice bonus, but I signed up because she shares the real stuff. The stuff that makes you understand the workflows that increase your productivity and gets your creations out there.

I have a feeling this might be my best investment of the year...;)"

Paul Ramon, Mindstreamer and Founder of


"The monthly trainings are quite enjoyable. D'vorah's voice is soothing and the way she walks us through things makes it so easy and fun. D'vorah's willingness to share her time, talent and treasure is a blessing to others like me who want to use their creative/design skills to earn some income."

Thereze Hargreaves


Dvorah provides the necessary tools to understand every aspect of digital product creation. I went from knowing basically nothing to marketing my very first products in a short time. Her teaching style is very straightforward and easy to follow and understand. Highly recommended.”  

Craig Johnson, Etsy Shop Owner @RoadrunnerRarities


"D'vorah's workbooks and worksheets are inspired "action pages." They have enabled me to do just that - Take Action! Having steps spelled out in a methodical order has given me a place to put pen to paper as I work through aspects of my project that I knew I needed to think about. The worksheets have also afforded me the insight into aspects I hadn't thought of! Thanks D'vorah!"

Tammy L. Jones, author and owner of TLJ Consulting Groups


"I strongly recommend D’vorah’s courses and clubs, and I joyfully give her a five-star rating. She delivers the goods—and then some. The materials she presents are well organized and easy to follow. I've taken several courses with D'vorah, and the same level of quality and caring is delivered in each. D'vorah knows that telling AND showing adult learners is much more effective than just telling them how to execute new skills. Finally, I want to add that D’vorah is patient, warm, fun-loving and friendly. She is a role model for me, and it is my honor to know her. I strongly recommend D’vorah’s courses, and I joyfully give her a five-star rating."

Jordan Gray, The Seventh Major Understanding


"The Club keeps me active and involved in all the steps to create my online success. I love learning from my fellow participants as they share their journey, systems, insights and successes. They all inspire me to be more and never give up."- Trish Dennison, founder of Mindworks Inner Connections

Trish Dennision, Mindworks Inner Connections


"Looking for an authentic and knowledgeable teacher? I highly recommend D'vorah Lansky. Her concise and to the point style is refreshing. Her expertise and step by step, look over her shoulder methodology is literally a blessing."

Iyana Rashil, Evolutionary Spirituality