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Would you like to easily create a collection of products, that you can use or sell? 
The Workshops and Templates Collection can make this goal a reality. 

Taught by content creation specialist, D'vorah Lansky, M.Ed., these workshops are actionable, easy to understand, and include templates with commercial use rights.

During each of these workshops, D'vorah shows you how to use the templates and how to transform them and personalize them, so you can create an unlimited number of products and product collections. Each workshop comes with an editable PowerPoint template, which is ready for you to use as is, or to customize as you'd like!

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The Productivity Series

  • Brain Dump Pages for Productivity
  • Desktop Wallpaper Organizer
  • Habit Tracker Products

Course Creation Series

  • Develop a Learning Library
  • Challenge Experience Products
  • Workbook Workflow Workshop

Goal Setting Series

  • Goal Setting All Year Long
  • Goal Setting Strategies & Products
  • Create Customized Goal Cards

Journal Page Ideas Series

  • Journal Prompt Journals
  • Mix n' Match Templates
  • Products from Checklists

Time-Related Series

  • Create a "Do Something Series
  • Products for Countless Holidays
  • Time Capsule Products

Page Elements Series

  • Landscape Facing Products
  • Terrific To-Do List Templates
  • Wonderful Widgets & Page Layouts

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This Collection Includes 18 Workshops + Templates + Commercial Use Rights

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Brain Dump Productivity

In this workshop you'll discover ways to streamline activities, reduce overwhelm, and help others to do the same. By using brain dump pages, you can reduce overwhelm, accomplish more, and keep focused on what's important most.

Desktop Wallpaper

In this workshop, you'll discover a unique way to become more organized, reduce clutter and become more productive. Desktop Organizers can help you become more organized and productive.

Habit Tracker Products

In this workshop you'll discover a wide variety of different types of habit trackers that can provide ways to keep accountable and mindful.. You can create and sell individual pages or a collection of related pages, for a variety of audiences.

Create a Learning Library

In this workshop you'll discover new ways to benefit from training you’ve registered for that you've yet to go through or put into action. Get ready to benefit from the training you’ve registered for but have yet to go through or put into action.

Create Experience Products

In this workshop, you'll discover how providing challenge experience products and programs, can shine the light on your expertise, while providing them with solutions to challenges they face. Use these materials to design programs.

Workbook Workflow

In this workshop, we'll explore ways to come up with ideas for workbooks, that your students and customers will love. Workbooks can be fantastic tools to help people to accomplish goals, learn new skills, and overcome challenges they face.

Goal Setting All Year

In this workshop we’ll explore goal setting templates for various time periods and for various occasions. Use these templates in your own life and business and/or offer them for sale to your customers. You can also customize these goals pages, to be used by your students or clients.

Goal Setting Strategies

In this workshop we'll "start with the end in mind" by identifying yearly goals. From there we'll break our goals down into monthly, weekly, and daily goals. We'll also explore ways to track your activity and results and look at types of goal setting products you can create.

Customized Goal Cards

In this workshop we’ll explore a variety of ways to create goal cards. Goal cards can encompass many concepts such as: vision boards, affirmation cards, goals and dreams, and more. They can be companions to your products and programs.

Journal Prompt Journals

In this workshop we’ll explore the possibilities that journal prompt journals provide. Journal prompt journals are fun to create and loved by customers. They can be developed for a wide range of audiences and occasions and formatted in a variety of ways.

Mix n' Match Templates

In this workshop we'll look at a variety of ways that you can pull pages from a variety of files that you have the rights to (such as content you've created as well as commercial use products you own) to create countless new products.

Checklist Products

In this workshop we’ll look at ways to transform checklists (that you've created or have the rights to) into a variety of different, coordinated products. We’ll also draw from commercial use journal prompts as another source of rich content to build a series of products around.

Do Something Series

In this workshop you’ll discover ways to develop ideas for activity pages for a series of printable and paperback products. These strategies can be applied to content for both children and adults, on a variety of topics.

Holidays All Year Long

In this workshop we'll explore the seemingly limitless number of holidays and occasions that take place throughout the year. We'll look at ways to create product templates that you can replicate countless times, for a wide variety of occasions!

Time Capsule Products

In this workshop you'll learn how to create keepsake products using a variety of time capsule pages. People will treasure these for years to come. We’ll explore product ideas, which are designed to also spark more ideas for you!

Landscape Facing Products

In this workshop you’ll discover a variety of ways to create landscape facing products and planners. The pages can open up worlds of possibilities for your products. This type of product is unique and can set you apart in the marketplace.

To-Do List Templates

In this workshop you'll discover different types of to-do lists that you can use for a variety of reasons. To-do lists are great to add to existing printable and digital products and they make great course resources and opt-in gifts.

Wonderful Widgets

In this workshop we'll explore how to use shapes and tables to create unique page layouts for your planners, worksheets, workbooks, journals, etc. We'll look at ways to embellish these elements, to use as well as sell as stand-alone products.

Meet Your Instructor and Guide
D'vorah Lansky, M.Ed.


Share Your Brilliance Founder – D’vorah Lansky, M.Ed., is a bestselling author and course creation specialist. She has published over 35 books and 40 online training programs. Since 2007 she has taught thousands of authors and entrepreneurs across the globe, how to transform their knowledge into books, workbooks, products and online courses.  

D’vorah specializes in helping her students and clients to share their unique gifts and their brilliance with the world, by creating content that’s designed to grow their reach, their visibility and their business. 

What People Are Saying


"Hi D'vorah,  Just wanted to send a note to say that I absolutely love this training, it is so informative and I have gotten a whole lot of great ideas!!!  The content creation workshop is done with such simplicity; it teaches you the exact steps to create and make changes to printables. Thanks again!"

Rowena, owner of Block Party Services: Planners & Printables


"I really enjoy our monthly sessions. I always come away with inspiration and the feeling that you are so well prepared and are very cognizant of everyone’s time (which is well spent with you). You make me feel we are all on a journey together, at different landmarks but working toward the same destination - our individual goals." 

Patricia Yarc


"D'vorah's templates are legendary! Her experience and knowledge as an educator shines through in everything she does, and the action oriented worksheets are a perfect example. It's so easy for me to procrastinate with thoughts like 'Where should I start'? D'vorah's worksheets help me take action! They are to the point, super-easy to follow and provide clear instructions. The step-by-step-approach is great for any creative (like us authors!) who tend to get stuck with "I have so many ideas, what should I do first?" Thanks D'vorah, your work is always of an excellent quality."

Liesel Teversham, author of No Problem: The Upside of Saying No


"I absolutely adore the way D'vorah teaches. Some might sign up to get her commercial use templates - which is a nice bonus, but I signed up because she shares the real stuff. The stuff that makes you understand the workflows that increase your productivity and gets your creations out there. 

I have a feeling this might be my best investment of the year...;)"

Paul Ramon, Mindstreamer and Founder of


"D'vorah's workbooks and worksheets are inspired "action pages." They have enabled me to do just that - Take Action! Having steps spelled out in a methodical order has given me a place to put pen to paper as I work through aspects of my project that I knew I needed to think about. The worksheets have also afforded me the insight into aspects I hadn't thought of! Thanks D'vorah!"

Tammy L. Jones, author and owner of TLJ Consulting Groups


I am part of D'vorah's Content Creation Club and have gone through several of her trainings. So believe me when I tell you that she does everything with excellence. D'vorah goes above and beyond to help her students and customers in any way she can. She is a great teacher and is able to teach in such a way that anyone can understand. I also love the products she creates for commercial use that help us creators make our planners, journals, etc., beautiful and attractive."

Kim Smith, Shop Owner @WonderPrintables


"Looking for an authentic and knowledgeable teacher? I highly recommend D'vorah Lansky. Her concise and to the point style is refreshing. Her expertise and step by step, look over her shoulder methodology is literally a blessing."

Iyana Rashil, Evolutionary Spirituality 

Get Them All
This Collection Includes 18 Workshops + Templates + Commercial Use Rights

These are Normally $37 Each for a Real World Value of $666

However... You Can Get This Entire Collection for Just $197

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