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D'vorah Lansky, M.Ed. has helped authors and entrepreneurs across the globe,
to develop their online business, expand their reach and achieve their goals.

Take Action and Get Support to Make Your Dreams a Reality

In order to get where you want to go, you need a roadmap and you need to put a plan in place.

  • If you keep doing what you've been doing to reach your goals, how long will it take for you to get there?
  • You can go it alone or you can get training and support to help you shortcut your journey.

D'vorah Lansky, M.Ed. and bestselling author has worked with authors and entrepreneurs across the globe. She specializes in helping her clients: Create online courses and workshops, design products and workbooks, and develop marketing materials in Canva and PowerPoint.

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As a content creation and course creation specialist, I am well-equipped to guide you through the process of identifying topics and developing products and programs, of interest to your ideal audience.

During our sessions you'll receive:

  • Personalized training and support to help you reach your goals.
  • An accountability partner who believes in you and is there for you.
  • Materials and resources to help you create your content.
  • Guidance in creating your products and programs and preparing them for market.
  • And more... this program is for you.

I am dedicated to being of support and helping you to achieve the goals that are on your heart.

What Coaching Students & Clients Are Saying


"It is my absolute pleasure to provide a testimonial on behalf of D'vorah Lansky, as one of her recent published authors. I enrolled in the journal publication program and can tell you that I was able to create my very first book in record time! This was done with ease and I was provided expert support every step of the way.   Once my book was published, D'vorah's add-on services helped me to promote my book from day one. You are going to love the book marketing strategies she offers.  D'vorah has the ability to help you take your dream of becoming a published author and making it a reality. I am a raving fan of hers!"  

Donna V. Finocchiaro Author of 30 Days to Better Organization


"I feel so at ease working with D’vorah. I love her gentle nature. She is an excellent teacher. She spells out everything in detail, walks you through step by step. She does not assume you’re supposed to know this stuff already. She’s not just a cheerleader. She rolls up her sleeves and gets in there with you. I feel like she was holding my hand every step of the way – in fact, she was! I will continue to do her programs because I’m sure I will be supported to follow through and celebrated upon completion!"

Debra Graugnard Author of Bridging the GAPS


"I feel comfortable asking questions and I know they will get addressed, either in the scheduled live webinars or within the Facebook Community. D’vorah even offers one on one coaching sessions if you need it!  Her wealth of information and expertise to help you get your projects completed and published is priceless! She’s always very motivating and encouraging to keep going. I highly recommend her programs!"

Lauryn Senko Author of The Energy of Gratitude


“D’vorah is a very generous and inspiring coach. She is great at helping you focus on the most important tasks and create an action plan. She also keeps you accountable to stay on track. I created and published my journal in 2 weeks!  D’vorah is easy to work with, she is generous in sharing her knowledge and experience, her style is inspiring and motivating. Working with D’vorah is the best investment I am making in myself and my success."

Agi Kadar Author of The Common Sense Fitness Journal


"When D’vorah gently invited me to participate in her private coaching and implementation program, I knew it was for me! Our first session, was music to my ears. Instead of coming away feeling overwhelmed about “having” to do a whole bunch of stuff, every day, on multiple fronts, we crafted a simple and eminently do-able plan for me, to focus on 3 “prongs” of my business. By creating consistency; and by creating a system I could look forward to enacting instead of dreading it; and by preserving all of the precious time in my life I have come to thrive upon (I’m retired from my emergency medicine practice, after all!).  If you have a goal in your life that you’re having trouble reaching, look to someone else who’s been there, who can help you quit floundering and move forward—with information, with inspiration, with ideas (or as in my own case in participating in private coaching with D'vorah) with personalized direction."  ~ Dr. Kathryn Collins, author of How Healthy is Your Doctor? and creator of FindBetterHealth Learning Center

Dr. Kathryn Collins Author of How Healthy is Your Doctor?


"D'vorah's Bootcamp program helped me put structures in place that have allowed me to move forward on a couple of projects that I have been thinking about for a long time. I have finally been able to take action on both. The accountability and support on just in time questions proved invaluable. Many thanks!"

Tammy L. Jones Owner of TLJ Consulting Group, LLC


"The business and personal growth I’ve experienced, as a result of working with D'vorah, is hard to put into words! My income has increased dramatically, I am now comfortable with enrolling clients in my coaching programs, my confidence has had an enormous boost, and I feel on top of the world, knowing where my business is headed. D'vorah you’ve been pivotal in my development as a business owner and I’ll be grateful to you forever!"  ~ Liesel Teversham, author of No Problem: The Upside of Saying No!

Liesel Teversham Author and Connected Introvert


"For the last 10 years I have participated in many business-building trainings and had one-on-one sessions with some high-level business coaches. I can say without hesitation that my sessions with Dvorah Lansky have been the most organized and insightful, with spot-on suggestions that include practical details for implementing her suggestions. D'vorah really knows the business of marketing books. She also has the patience, kindness and insight to guide authors in building a business and making money with their books. I deeply appreciate D'vorah's generous sharing of her wisdom and expertise."  

Dr. Judith Boice Author of The Green Medicine Chest


"I never dreamed I could achieve so much toward my online business as I did when I started coaching with D'vorah. The concepts I've learned in her courses are very helpful, practical and focused, but the one-on-one support took that learning to the next level. The inspiration from D'vorah pushed me to more fully develop plans for my web design business. It was the warmth and joy D’vorah brings to everything she does that kept me going as I formulated my goals and strategy. I highly recommend working with D'vorah one-on-one, to anyone who is serious about achieving success in their online business in a nurturing, focused virtual environment.  The experience with D’vorah will change your life! I go away from each session feeling renewed, but with action steps I can act on. I never dreamed I could achieve so much toward my online business as I did when I joined D’vorah's program."  ~ Donna K. Fitch, author Book Blog Designer

Donna K Fitch - Book Blog Designer


"D'vorah has a keen understanding of how to break things down into easy, manageable bits of information that make it possible for me to take action. I often feel as if I'm racing to keep up with technological developments. She helps me keep them manageable. Equally important, D'vorah catches me when I'm about to wander off into tangential projects that would slow down my progress on critical activities in current projects. I appreciate all that she has done for me so very much."  ~ Susan Sherayko, author of Rainbows Over Ruin and CEO of Build a Dream Academy

Susan Sherayko Author of Rainbows Over Ruin

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