Workshop & Templates: Boost Your Productivity with Trello

Workshop & Templates: Boost Your Productivity with Trello

Trello is a powerful, visual productivity tool, that you can use in so many areas of your life and business. In this workshop we'll explore many of them. We'll also ​look at ways to become more productive as you make use of the project ideas, resources, and templates you already have. The strategies you'll learn can also lead to a new series of productivity products that you create. (Templates & handouts are included.)

[What Students Are Saying] “I just finished going through D’vorah’s Trello training, and now I’m hooked. Before the training, I was confused and intimidated by Trello. But not anymore thanks to D’vorah’s teaching style. She has a way of making the most complex systems so simple that you find yourself eager to try new things. After I completed her training, I couldn’t wait to dig in and try all her tips and tricks. Her training will equip you to do all the things with your very own Trello board. I highly recommend it.” -Patti Fagan, Etsy Shop Owner @CreateBlissToday


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