Ultimate Digital Planner Covers - Combo Kit Collection Bundle

Ultimate Digital Planner Covers - Combo Kit Collection Bundle
This Ultimate Digital Planner COVER KIT Collection includes: 36 Digital Planner Cover Sets. (Six Color Collections, each with 6 Sets of Digital Planner Covers.)
PLEASE NOTE: This is not a completed digital planner. This is a collection of digital planner COVERS and elements so you can create your own digital planners, to use or sell. (Tutorial included.)

This Digital Planner Cover Kit Bundle provides you with a wide variety of digital planner cover components in complimentary styles and designs. You can use these to customize digital planners that you use and those you create. Commercial Use Rights Included! Simply add your pages to these cover kits to create any number of new products!

The Six Sets included in this collection are: Teals Cover Kit #1 - Rose Gold Cover Kit #3 - Plum Gold Cover Kit #5 - Textured Leaves Cover Kit #7 - Gold Elegance Cover Kit #9 - Diamond Dot Cover Kit #10


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