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​Here's How to Access the Create a Classroom Intensive

Included with your registration you'll get full access to the Intensive ​workshop. The replays will appear in our online classroom mid-September. However... for just $1 you can also attend the live sessions!

Here's where you go to register.

The Live Intensive takes place as part of our Insiders' Club program. The simplest way to provide you with access to the live calls and other bonuses is to give you full access to the Club​ for just $1.

  • That's right, for just $1 you can participate in the Live Intensive PLUS you get access to all of the other Club benefits.
  • After the Intensive, if you'd like to cancel your membership, simply do so before the month ends, you will not receive any further charges.
  • Or you can choose to remain in the Insiders' Club, where you'll receive ongoing training, support and special gifts. Your first month is just $1 and after the first month you'll pay just $27 a month, for as long as you'd like to be a member. (You can however easily cancel at any time.)

​​The Live Intensive take places on Wednesday, September 12th from 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Eastern. And all sessions will of course be recorded.